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By Stephan Hall



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How To Hypnotize has been described as a package that is designed to teach the science of hypnosis to the average person. As a tool that is designed to accomplish this goal with a minimum of decoration or window dressing, the program does indeed provide a bank of information that will be easy for the curious and the novice to grasp.

Part of the strength of the How To Hypnotize program is that it does nor rely on one simple type of media to present the material. There are easy to read ebooks that help to lay a solid foundation for study. The text of the books is simple, taking care to avoid a lot of complicated terminology. This helps to make the information accessible to just about everyone.


To compliment the ebooks, the program also includes the use of video presentations. The video offerings help to compliment the written word, which is one reason that the text tends to recommend reading first and viewing the videos at strategic points in the learning process. Along with the ebooks and videos, there is also a handy audio presentation that is configured to allow for download to a handheld device, such as an MP3 player. Because of the combination of written text, audio, and video, How To Hypnotize is a learning program that can be studied at home, or on the go.

The first ebook in the series starts with the basics. Devoted to an introduction to the concept of hypnosis, the text sets out to eliminate misconceptions about what hypnosis is and isnít. Dispensing with myths and errors that have become part of the popular conception of hypnosis, the material moves on to discussing the basic mechanics of influencing people through conscious and unconscious means. Many people will be surprised to find that a number of the techniques employed are simple and practical methods that are part of just about every sales strategy and approach that has been developed over the last five hundred years.


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Once the basic concepts of exerting influence over other people have been addressed, the issue of self-hypnotism is addressed. In this helpful ebook, techniques that are geared toward ridding oneself of unproductive and unhealthy attitudes and mindset are discussed at length, along with some helpful suggestions about how to identify the origins of these factors and how to remove them from the mindset permanently.

Once the foundational information has been presented, the series moves on to more advanced methods and approaches. In these sessions, How To Hypnotize moves beyond simply understanding the various factors that impact people and on to proactively utilizing the creation and introduction of conscious and unconscious suggestions that will produce the desired results. As with all the sessions contained within the program, the approach is to keep it simple and accessible to persons with varying levels of reading and comprehension skill levels. Basically, anyone can use this program and get some benefit from reading through the material and viewing the videos.

Along with the files and videos that are part of the main program, there is also the addition of a bonus ebook entitled Keys To Personal Power. This ebook continues the theme of personal enrichment that was started in the materials that deal with self-hypnosis, and suggest additional ideas on how to make use of the knowledge contained in the course on a personal level. There are tools that will help people deal with personal crisis situations, develop and maintain new friendships, and even find a love interest, if that is the goal.

One of the advantages of How To Hypnotize is that the material will not take a long time to digest. The straightforward presentation means that it is possible to go through the program in very little time. The fact that all the sessions, including the videos, are downloadable means that the material can be saved and archived on a CDR or to a hard drive. Because the ebooks are written to be informative and donít contain a lot of unnecessary graphics or fancy fonts, they will download with very little effort and will not use a lot of resources. This means even people who are using a dialup connection can have ready access to How To Hypnotize, without having to spend hours downloading the materials.


Along with the easy format and quick download, there is also a money back guarantee that comes with the course, which is always a nice addition.

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Rating: 8.5/10



US $67



60 day 100% money back guarantee


Suitability Level:

Beginner & Intermediate

Compatible with both MAC and PC


Works On:

Unknowing Subjects, Knowing Subjects and Self Hypnosis


Package Includes:

7 Downloadable Books on PDF

3  Rapid hypnosis induction videos

1 Downloadable audio file


Topics Include:

1. How To Hypnotize: The Ultimate Guide To Stage Hypnosis

2. Self Hypnosis Revealed: Everything You'll Ever Need to Totally Transform Your Life!

3. 'Making Hypnosis Simple' The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Hypnosis

4. Eliminate Bad Habits Effortlessly, Without Stress Or Relapse

5. An Exclusive and Rare Insight Into Hypnotherapy with Your Ultimate Video Of A Complete Weight Loss Session

6. The Ultimate Hypnosis Secret Exposed- A Complete Rapid Induction Caught On Video.

7. Boost Your Self Image - Look And Feel Like a 'New You'



Plus 5 Bonuses:

1. Hypnosis: Plain and Simple
2. Hypnosis for Beginners
3. Advanced Hypnotic Techniques

4. Hypnotic Inductions ebook
5. Preparation for Hypnosis Audio File


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