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Welcome to the hypnosis scripts the examples below are a collection of real-life case scenarios that will offer you an unparalleled insight into the working of a hypnotherapist. The scripts included herein may be adapted to suit your situation. Each has been conveniently segmented from the group for ease of printing, with space provided for additional notes to aid customisation.

Although at first glance each script may appear simple in nature, you are urged to study this material and break down the therapy into itís component parts. Notice the use of tense throughout; past tense is often used to discuss negative habits, while present tense brings future solutions within reach. Although subliminal messages have not been highlighted you should be able to pick these out with your voice tonality during delivery.

Think about the reasons the scripts work and why each sentence was chosen for inclusion. By approaching this material with such a mindset you abilities as a hypnotherapist will be greatly enhanced.

Before you use any of this material it is essential that you are in a qualified position to do so. Depending on where you live, there may be laws that restrict the use of hypnosis. It is also very important to remember that you are not a qualified physician, never attempt to diagnose a clients ailments, and always insist that they should consult their general practitioner before undergoing a course of hypnosis. Below are some examples of smoking, weight loss and other hypnosis scripts.



T: How long does it take you to smoke a cigarette?

C: About five minutes

T: Do you believe that smoking is harmful to your health?

C: Yes

T: Do you ever experience shortness of breath?

C: Sometimes

T: Have you ever burned your clothing or other objects?

C: Yes, many times before

T: Could you find something to do with the money that you would be saving?

C: Sure I could

T: Many smokers tell me that it is becoming a headache to smoke. Do you agree?

C: Oh yes, it is becoming harder to find a place to smoke

T: Tell me, have you ever heard that smoking will decrease your lifespan?

C: Yes I have

T: Would it be nice to set a positive example for your children?

C: Yes, they hate it when I smoke

T: As you shared with me earlier, you have been smoking about two packs a day, most people that smoke as much as you realise that the majority of their smoking is simply a habit that they really donít think about. The phone rings and they reach for a cigarette. They start the car and they reach for a cigarette.

However, they do say that there are a few cigarettes that they do actually enjoy. Maybe after a meal or with a cup of coffee.

If you are going to be honest with yourself how many cigarettes do you think that you actually get enjoyment from?

C: Maybe four or five

T: Lets spend a moment to look at your smoking logically rather than emotionally. As

you have said yourself it takes about four or five minutes to smoke a cigarette. As you have also told me there maybe four or five that you actually enjoy. That means that you are getting about twenty five minutes of enjoyment from smoking.

As we both agree, it is effecting your health, but what is your health as long as you can have twenty five minutes of enjoyment. You burn a few pieces of clothing, furniture, itís becoming a headache to smoke and you get a little shortness of breath, but whatís breathing.

You spend about $700 a year, but you make a lot of money. It is a bad example for your children and it will probably take five to ten years off your life, but whatís living as long as you have twenty five minutes of enjoyment?

Donít you agree?

C: Not hardly!

Eg. 2 Weight loss: VERBAL TALK


T: Would the part of the mind that has been keeping Mary over weight now be willing to respond to me verbally?

(Wait for yes response)

T: I want you to tell me why you have been keeping Mary over weight for all these years.

C: She needs to stay over weight.

T: Why does she need to be over weight?

C: Because she is a bad person.

T: Has she always been a bad person, or was it something that she did recently?

C: When she was 15 years old she wanted to have sex.

T: I understand now. You made her gain this weight so that she would no longer be attractive, and that way you would prevent her from engaging in sex at such a young age. Is that right.

C: Yes

T: I think that may have been a good decision on your part back at the age of 15. However, Mary is now 31 years old today. Does she really need to be protected any longer?

C: No, I guess not.

T: You are evidently a very powerful part of Maryís mind. If you wanted to, could you make her get the weight of her body down to a level of 130 pounds?

C: Yes, I can do anything to her that I want.

T: Will you now help her at reaching this level of a 130 pounds, and then protect her by assisting her in maintaining that weight of a 130 pounds?

C: I guess so.

T: No, guessing is not enough. I want you to make the same kind of commitment that you made when she was 15 years old. You were able to keep her over weight, even when she tried to lose the weight. Now I want you to work with her. Will you make that commitment now?

C: I will get her down to 130 pounds.

T: Will you work with her to maintain that weight level?

C: She will now be able to reach and then stay at a weight of a 130 pounds.

T: How are you going to ensure her success at reaching and maintaining a weight of 130 pounds?

C: I am going to get her to start eating more fruit and vegetables, while at the same time Iíll keep her away from the sweets and junk food.

T: I thought you were the most powerful part of her mind, is that all you can think of?

C: You are starting to irritate me, I can do more. I will get her to exercise more, drink more water, and stop all of the snacking. How is that?

T: That would be very good. Now letís see if you really have the power to do all that you just said.


Eg. 3 Miscellaneous: 3 WAYS TO RESPOND

For example sake, during this session if I told you automatically, your right foot was going to float up into the air, it would simply begin to float upwards. Isnít that amazing?

Now, today I am going to make your foot float up into the air, but if I would tell you, that automatically your right foot would begin to lift up, there would only be three ways in which you could respond.

You could say to yourself, ĎI really want this to work so Iíll help out,í and then consciously move your foot. I would not want you to do this.

The second way in which you could respond, is to say to yourself, ĎI wonít let it move, and try to keep it from movingí. I wouldnít want you to respond this way either.

The third way, and the way that I would like you to respond is simply, relax, and allow things to take place.

Donít try to make things happen, but donít try to stop them either.

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