Secretly Hypnotize Anyone

By Nathan Blaszak


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Our Review

The Secretly Hypnotize Anyone program often cite the program is built around a holistic approach to the way that people interact with the world. Referred to as representational systems, Secretly Hypnotize Anyone makes good use of these systems, discussing each of the different ways we relate to our surroundings. There is nothing left out of this examination of human experience. During the course of the material, discussions about all sorts of stimuli are presented. Visual, auditory, kinesthetic, neutral, olfactory and gustatory each have their turn, and figure in to the greater process of being able to impact the process of altering the way people see the world.

This entire approach can be summed up in two words: unconscious communication. Simply put, unconscious communication is all about these outward stimuli interact to make often unspoken impressions on the way we view the world. There is actually no way to avoid being impacted by unconscious communication. Even reading a review of this product is making an impact on the psyche of you as a reader at this moment.

The magic of unconscious communication is that it is not only a phenomenon that can be recognized, but also something that can be utilized to make a difference in the way people respond to you and what you want them to do. By recognizing the role of covert communication through all the senses, it becomes possible to send messages that will influence the thought processes of other people, influencing their reviews of the data at hand and make them much more susceptible to a course of action that is in harmony with your goals.

One thing this course will teach you is how to maximize the persuasiveness of the language you use. Most people clumsily put together words, not thinking about how the combination of those words and their tone will unconsciously communicate certain ideas to listeners. If they want to persuade other people, they use large words and unnatural sentences, hoping to sound intelligent. If you’re one of these people, this course will teach you how to change all of that by employing Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques, which will allow you to secretly impress ideas upon listeners without making it overtly obvious that you’re doing so.


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As the course progresses, there are all sorts of techniques that are utilized to help influence the mental images that most of us form when we taste, feel, see, or hear something in particular. Unconscious communication allows for employing several of these techniques in unison, making it possible to use verbal and olfactory prompts simultaneously. The methods described in the material are not difficult to master. In fact, there is an excellent chance that you already use some of these techniques, but simply never recognized them as being motivational suggestions that were influencing the direction of thought and action taken by other people around you.

Secretly Hypnotize Anyone is not about performing parlor tricks for amusement, or gaining so much control of another person that they will do anything you want without question. Instead, the program is designed to help you set the pace and emotional tone of conversations and to alter how people think about you and about events by using NLP in conversations. In fact, one of the biggest goals of this course (and one which the author succeeds in communicating) is to teach you how to command the respect of others without them ever knowing you’ve made an effort to do so. This is certainly not a trivial task.

In addition to NLP and language, much attention is paid to the visual perception of the world, which is not surprising since so many people are primarily visual in their relationship to the world. Visual reactions run deeper than reading words; often, an idea can be implanted by carefully using a succession of visual images and suggested reviews, either with physical items or by verbally suggesting objects, colors, and settings. The Secretly Hypnotize Anyone course provides a number of examples of how this sort of activity can be used to help people see the same vision that you are attempting to convey. Going one step further, the techniques can help subjects to begin to see those suggested images as a viable reality, one that would be very good to be involved with while there is still time.

Just about everyone can benefit from a review of this program. People who want to get a better handle on how they develop the ideas they hold dear will be surprised at how much outside influence is often involved in forming beliefs and ideas. Anyone who makes a living by influencing others, from teachers to salespersons, will review the material and find the insights and techniques in the program to be effective, including the vitally-important NLP techniques offered.


Even if the focus is on learning how to control the way that the individual relates to the world and deals with such factors as stress, relationship problems, or temporary unfortunate circumstances, Secretly Hypnotize Anyone has a lot to teach. If for no other reason, this price of the course is worth it for the list of 135 covert "hypnotic triggers" you will receive. Indeed, one quick review of this product will reveal that your money was well spent.

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Rating: 9/10



US $37



60 day 100% money back guarantee


Suitability Level:

Beginner &  Intermediate

Compatible with both MAC and PC


Works On:

Unknowing Subjects, Knowing Subjects and Self Hypnosis


Package Includes:

7 Downloadable Books on PDF

1 Downloadable audio file


Topics Include:

1. Control other people’s minds
2. Create Hypnotic sales presentations
3. Secretly make everyone become fascinated with you.
4. Use NLP strategically to maximize your persuasiveness.
135 hypnotic phrases to get your prospects to go in trance.

6. Command superior respect, exploding wealth, extraordinary romance, awesome prestige.

7. The 2,300 year old secret to controlling the minds of others.


Plus 7 Bonuses:

1. 5-Minute Mind Miracle
2. You've Been Tricked
3. Surefire Hypnosis Gold
4.  Private language patterns
5.  Secret Book of Unconscious Gestures
6. Hot Selling/Motivating Power Words
7. Free Audio Download Revealing The Language Pattern On-The-Fly Creation Process


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