The Underground Hypnosis Course

By Taylor Starr


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Our Review

One of the first things that people notice about Underground Hypnosis is that the program is based on a concept that is referred to as Black Ops. This leads many people, at first glance, to think that the basis for Underground Hypnosis is something that is sinister, otherworldly, or at the very least esoteric in nature. A quick review of the material proves that is not the case. While the name may attract a lot of people who think that the purpose of hypnosis is a tool to force people into doing something that the individual does not want to do, the truth is that the program is about quite a different approach.

Taylor Starr has designed a series of sessions that begin with the basics and progress all the way through to using hypnosis as a steady tool to prevent manipulation from other sources. While providing some valuable insight on the way that unscrupulous persons use covert control, the material takes it one step further and turns the situation around. Instead of being manipulated by others, the application of Black Ops makes it possible to resist those manipulations and also alter the course of the interaction. This type of application makes it possible to exert influence that can improve relationships, create significant opportunities in the business world and in general improve the quality of life.

A large part of Black Ops involves getting inside your own brain and learning what you are capable of accomplishing. During this process of self-realization, the student is expected to get a handle on what type of goals the individual possesses. Black Ops identifies strengths that can be applied to the task of achieving those goals, and understanding how to use verbal and non-verbal communications that result in the willing involvement of other people in the attainment of those goals.


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Part Four of the series is entitled “Black Ops Truth Extractor.” The session involves learning to pick up on verbiage that helps the listener to know how true the remarks of the speaker happen to be. Along with identifying indicators that something is not quite on the level, the session also gets into some exercises and verbal interaction that can defuse the dishonesty and prompt the speaker to begin revealing truths about the subject of discussion. If nothing else is gained from purchasing this program, the information contained in this one session is worth the purchase price.

Also of a great deal of use is the section on common control techniques. As with Part Four, the session entitled “The Roots of Covert Control – The Majors” is presented in such a way that it is hard to not begin nodding in agreement while reading the text. Some of the indicators that are identified are so common that many people simply overlook them, out of familiarity. However, the session does not leave it at that. Instead, techniques that can take those triggers and use them to redirect the conversation and the thought process so that the flow of events is more favorable.

Underground Hypnosis includes a total of seven education sessions, plus an eighth session that includes a range of bonus features. There are two intriguing offerings on the interpretation of dreams that provide some fascinating food for thought. The concept of mind seduction, which is discussed in several of the main sessions, takes center stage for a focused text that gets into the detail of changing the mind of another person. For people who are curious about astrology and how a reading using Tarot cards is supposed to work, there is an excellent resource included.

A review of the material that is part of the Underground Hypnosis course will quickly demonstrate that the presentation draws heavily from a number of different sources. However, there is not any other place to get all this information in one place. To the credit of the author, the material includes several different approaches but manages to remain coherent throughout all the seven main sessions or parts. The information is arranged in a manner that allows easy review of earlier sessions when ideas are referred to later in the text. This ease of review is one of the little things about this course that help to make it much more informative and user friendly than many similar courses that are online today.

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Customer Rating: 10/10



Basic Course US $97

Masters Course US $137



60 day 100% money back guarantee


Suitability Level:

Beginner , Intermediate , Advanced , Professional.

Compatible with both MAC and PC


Works On:

Unknowing Subjects, Knowing Subjects and Self Hypnosis


Package Includes:

No. of Downloadable CDs

Basic Course: 4, Masters Course:7

Plus Workbooks

Plus Training Notes


Topics Include:

Basic Course:

1. Secret Knowledge of Black Ops Revealed
2: Underground Hypnosis Exposed
3: Roots of Covert Control: The Majors
    Iron Man Pattern
    Black Mirror Operation
    No Cleaver Technique
    Advanced Tactics Guide
4: Controlled Environment Hypnosis
    Learn to instantly hypnotize any subject in a controlled environment.

Masters Course: better value!

Includes all of the Basic course plus the following topics + the 3 bonuses.
5. Social Engineering King: Becoming the Alpha
6. Black Ops Truth Extractor
7. Advanced Techniques and Philosophy of Black Ops


Plus 3 Bonus CDs:
1.  Interpreting Dreams (300 Page Book)
2. 7 Secrets of Hypnosis
3. Mind Seduction Revealed


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